Our chapter will once again be holding our watch parties at Miller’s Ale House at 101 University Park Drive in Winter Park, FL.

From pregame until halftime, we will be conducting a fundraiser to either help our scholarship fund or our program endowment. Most watch party fundraisers will be raffles and conducted in the following manner.

  • Format: Raffle – Pick-a-Prize (format subject to change based on the number of volunteers and crowd size)
  • Description of format: Each purchaser will receive both sets of tickets where one ticket will be placed in the bin representing a prize of interest and the other will be kept by the purchaser.
  • Pre-game ticket costs (Time to purchase may be extended based on the number of volunteers and crowd size):
    • 3 tickets for $5
    • 8 tickets for $10 (7 for $10 after start of the game)
    • 20 tickets for $20 (15 for $20 after start of the game)
  • Winning tickets will be selected at halftime.
As noted above, we reserve the right to make changes based on the crowd size and the number of volunteers we have for the game. We hope that you will consider helping our efforts through our fundraisers that will aid local Penn Staters and our alumni. If you would like to help us conduct the raffle or want to donate items to our raffle, please see one of our officers at the watch party.

Most of those who join us for our watch parties will arrive about 30-60 minutes prior to game time depending on the opponent. Since some games are subject to change, we recommend that you check the game times on Penn State’s Athletics website. Please bookmark the 2018 football schedule or GoPSUSports.com for updates on the schedule. We look forward to having you join us again this year!