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2021-2022 Membership Dues

Whether you are joining for the first time or renewing, you can be a member by completing the form below. This membership also extends to spouses and children under the age of 25 and is valid during the fiscal year beginning July 1st and ending June 30th. Renewals will take place about a month prior to the beginning of the fiscal year. For questions on membership, please visit our membership page.

You will also have the ability to make a donation with your membership dues. If you are also a member of our parent Penn State Alumni Association and are willing, please provide your Association membership number. We look forward to having you as a member of our Chapter.

Membership/Donation Options
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Scholarship Donation
By clicking this button, you can donate funds that will be used for the Penn State Alumni Association, Central Florida Chapter Scholarship Endowment. Thank you for your generosity and support of Penn State students from central Florida. For more information on all of our chapter’s programs, please visit our program page.



General Donation
By clicking this button, you can donate funds that will be used to help support programs sponsored by Penn State Alumni Association, Central Florida Chapter. Please visit our programs page for more information on this and other chapter programs. Thank you for supporting our chapter.



Chapter & Penn State Items

Chapter T-Shirts

2018 Chapter T-Shirt Design - Bringing the Roar

We will be once again selling chapter t-shirts for the football season. If you would like a t-shirt for this season, order here or at our watch parties. Note that if you do not pay for priority shipping, we cannot ship them to you. If you did not pay priority shipping, let us know so we can arrange for you to pick it up at the watch parties.


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Watch Party Raffle for Chapter Scholarship Endowment
During our football game watch parties, we will be conducting our raffles. You can purchase raffle tickets straight from the website using your credit card. Make sure that before you purchase your tickets that a chapter officer is present to ensure that your tickets are received following payment process. Good luck!

Raffle Options

Other Penn State Items

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