Winners of Barkley Autographed Football with CFL Chapter VP - 2018

Because of the ongoing pandemic, we will be handling watch parties differently for the 2020 football season. The options for gathering include:


  1. Virtual Watch Parties via Zoom – Canceled
  2. In-Person at the Ale House
  3. Outdoor Watch Party at the Ale House – Updated 11/2/2020
  4. Fundraisers for Chapter Scholarship

Virtual Watch Parties – Canceled

Due to limited attendance, our team has decided to discontinue holding virtual watch parties. We want to thank all of those who did attend our virtual watch parties, and hope that you will join us at our next event. For updates, please refer to our chapter emails. If you are not part of our email list, request to be on it!

CFLC Watch Party, Picture 2 - 2017
CFLC Watch Party - 2016

In-Person Gatherings Indoors

Guidelines laid out by PSAA to help keep members, families and friends safe. In order to adhere to these guidelines and to stay in good standing with PSAA, we are unable to hold and indoor event. That means that there will be no chapter activities indoors including music and fundraising for the remainder of 2020. We understand here in Florida that the regulations are different, and people are able to choose to go out and watch the games. Even though the Central Florida Chapter will not hold any indoor watch parties, we have made arrangements with the Ale House to temporarily block our normal area prior to the game for Penn Staters who want to watch the game at the restaurant. Since this is temporary, we encourage those wanting to watch the game to arrive 30 minutes prior to the game as the section may open up to accommodate other customers. The game will be on the TVs for Penn Staters to watch.

For opportunities to help us raise funds for our scholarship fund, please check out our virtual games at the bottom of this page.

Outdoor Watch Party – Updated

The Central Florida Chapter is targeting the Penn State/Michigan State game on 12/12 for an outdoor watch party. This effort would allow us to maintain all of the guidelines in place while still coming together. We would hold the event in the side parking lot using a projector and screen. Attendees can order food from their vehicles and receive their food and beverages onsite via curbside pickup. Alcoholic beverages are also available for purchase as long as it follows Ale House guidelines. The Ale House said they can do it if we can guarantee 50 people. Based on our survey, we are at that limit, but will drop below if we have one group cancel. With that in mind, we will send out RSVPs to ensure we meet that minimum. The event will be canceled if:

  • We do not have enough RSVPs
  • The game is scheduled for noon (due to projector limitations)
  • Forecast calls for rain or other poor conditions
  • Safety guidelines set forth by Penn State, the State of Florida and local authorities cannot be met

Please stay tuned for updates on this event.

Fundraisers for Chapter Scholarship

Since we cannot have in-person fundraisers, our chapter has gotten a little more creative with how we raise money for our chapter’s scholarship which helps Penn Staters from central Florida. To register for the game, simply follow the instructions listed below for each contest. Payouts for each contest will be sent at the end of the season. This is so that we reduce the amount of paper checks and/or online transactions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.