How much of an impact does $10 make? Here in central Florida, it can provide 40 MEALS to those in need. With a $10 donation, 40 hungry children, seniors, women and men would get to eat through your generosity. In our area, one out of every 6 persons, and one out of every 4 children, struggle to find enough food to eat. Join the Penn State Alumni Association, Central Florida Chapter beat hunger with a donation and help us reach our goal of $1000 (that’s 4000 meals!). Here’s how it works.

If you can find it in your budget to sacrafice just a little bit to help feed the hungry, make a donation by going to our donation page. If you have the ability to, we will also welcome larger donations as we work to feed those who are hungry in our community.

In addition to helping those in need, you can help our chapter become the 2017 Hunger Bowl champs! The campaign runs from November 1 through November 25. GO STATE…BEAT HUNGER!